Thunderdome XVIII - Psycho Silence / 7005952

Used, with some very light scratches

In 2002, ID&T was able to issue quite a lot. Thunderdome 18 is no exception

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Label ID&T
Catalog number 7005952
Medium 2x CD
Format Compilation
Style Hardcore
.....and Gabber
Release year 2002
Release country Netherlands
Specification Repress


Thunderdome XVIII - Psycho Silence

CD 01
01     Turbolenza     I Am The Creator (Future Mix)     
02     DJ Paul & Teenage Warning     Brohymn (This One's For The Gabbers)     
03     Brian Acardy     Let Da Bass Boom     
04     The Mindcrimers     Madman (DJ Promo Remix)     
05     Swat     The Fly Is Dead (DJ Waxweazle Mix)     
06     3 Steps Ahead     Love To Get Stoned     
07     Ku-Base     Hardcore Pumping (Ram Version)     
08     DJ Delirium & Da Grimreaper     Speakerblower     
09     Inferno Bros.     Slaves To The Rave (The Stunned Guys Remix)     
10     DJ Promo     Shut Up! (Mix 1)     
11     Omar Santana     Oh Bad Boy     
12     MC Rage     Rave Machine (The Dark Raver's "1000% Intelligent Rave Machine" Remix)     
13     Techno Warriors     Da Beat     
14     DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim     The Kamikaze     
15     DJ Dione     Da Flipside     
16     The Force Creations     Wheep And Howell     
17     Wayward     Adrenaline Rush     
18     The Scotchman     Asylum (Digital Boy Mix)     
19     Steve Shit     Commonya'll (Move Ya' Bodies)     

CD 02
01     25% Of The Dreamteam     Dreamteam Is Back     
02     The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul     Confusion     
03     DJ Promo     Cold As Stone     
04     Myztic     To Da Rhythm     
05     Solid Base      Pumpinfinity (DJ Perpetrator Thunder Mix)     
06     James Daltan     Wanna Get High (You're Own Little Piece Of Heaven)     
07     DJ E-Rick & Tactic     Start To Move     
08     The Ultimate Buzz     Back In Business (DJ Isaac Remix)     
09     Cixx vs. The Vinyl Junk     The Tough Guys     
10     Nightstalkers     Warehouse Beats     
11     Dr Z-Vago     Mo-Ther-Fu-Ckers     
12     Rotterdam Terror Corps     Representing Hardcore (Hardcore Mix)     
13     Object One     Ping Pong (DJ Isaac Mix)     
14     DJ Gizmo     Shut 'Em Down     
15     Daytona     Love Is In Need (Lost In Tokyo Mix)     
16     James Daltan Meets DJ X-Ess     The Damned     
17     Simtec Power Squad     Infinite Power     
18     Neophyte     Evil     
19     Multi Death Clan     Welcome To Oblivion     
20     Naughty Boys     Hardcore Bee (Flying Terror Mix)

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