About Us - About Me:

A few years ago, I set up a small e-shop with electronic music specialization like techno, house, trance, hardcore, gabber ... now it's time to change and the original shuck is replacing hardbazar.com (more options, more products .. )

Over the past 3 years, I have found a lot of friends among my customers - though with most of them just by phone or mail, which I want to thank for their support and development help :-)

Me: Music, specifically electronic I hear about 20 years. I went through my little DJing and playing in clubs overnight. I do not know like you guys, I started shooting on Megarave III, Technohead..then HardcoreMan John Pataky in Night Stream - tape recordings from one Slovak radio in middle 90´ .. For a while am I was transfered to Mayday and Loveparade, which was of course awesome. The Techno Day - 1.5. - every year I was always enjoyed like a little boy.
Gradually, other life-like things like a girlfriend / wife / family / own housing - so the music went away ... but who of us had it different? I think the scenarios are quite similar.

Last time, about 4 years ago, I went to the Thunderdome series, during which time I picked up nearly 180 pieces (CD, MC, LP, VHS), misprints, releases from other countries, and so on. One life event was about this collection, and now I'm starting again and again - with the collection (the first piece was still sealed "The Final Exam"), with hardbazar and other things :-)