Thunderdome - The Best Of 95 MC2 / 9924278 View larger

Thunderdome - The Best Of 95 MC2 / 9924278


Thunderdome - The Best Of 95 also came in a magnetic design. Like CD compilation, there are 3 MC cassettes. This is MC2

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Label Arcade
Catalog number 9924278
Medium MC Cassette
Format Compilation
Style Hardcore
.....and Gabber
Release year 1995
Release country Netherlands


Thunderdome - The Best Of 95 MC2

Side A:
A1     The Prophet     Big Boys Don't Cry     
A2     The Dreamteam     3 The Hardway     
A3     English Muffin     The Blood Of An English Muffin     
A4     The Prophet     Rock Steady     
A5     Da Beatblower     Fuck Your S Off (Breakbeat Evolution)     
A6     Ramirez     El Gallinero (Axis Remix By DJ Mental Theo & DJ Charly Lownoise)     
A7     Thunderball     Bonzai Channel One     
A8     Ilsa Gold     Up     
A9     Section 8     Punanny (The Prophet Remix)     
A10     The Prophet     Dominatin' (Re-Mix)     

Side B:
B1     3 Steps Ahead     This Is The Thunderdome     
B2     Public Domain      So Get Up     
B3     Rexanthony     For You Marlene     
B4     Dr. Phil Omanski     Feel The Rhythm (Original Mix)     
B5     DJ Delirium vs. Guitar Rob     Where I'm From     
B6     Omar Santana     Hype The Funk     
B7     Buzz Fuzz     Drop The Pressure     
B8     Dr. Phil Omanski     Feeling (UK Mix)     
B9     The Prophet     Alright Now Here We Go (Rob Gee Remix)

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