Xtreme.core Xcerpt (12")

Used, with some very light scratches

12" Hardcore - Speedcore vinyl Xtreme.core Xcerpt (Analphabetik)

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Label Analphabetik
Catalog number 04
Medium Vinyl
Format EP
Style Hardcore
.....and Speedcore
Release year 2004
Release country Italy


Xtreme.core Xcerpt

Side A:
A1     Shy Overdrive     Noise In Noise Out     1:23
A2     I.gore     Dancing On Your Grave     5:02
A3     GFB     They Are Among Us     5:20
A4     Bioxeed     Dystopiate (Outro)     2:04

Side B:
B1     Meat Marionette     Dress Code     4:34
B2     Noisekick     Lwd_Terreur     5:58
B3     Rybacker     Afraid To Die     4:36
B4     Frazzbass     Line In/Phono Out     1:14



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