Thunderdome - The Best Of 96 MC3 / 9934309 View larger

Thunderdome - The Best Of 96 MC3 / 9934309


Thunderdome - The Best Of 96 is another collecting piece on three MC cassettes. This is MC3

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Label Arcade
Catalog number 9934309
Medium MC Cassette
Format Compilation
Style Hardcore
.....and Gabber
Release year 1996
Release country Netherlands


Thunderdome - The Best Of 96 MC3

Side A:
A1     DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob     The Way We Rocked It (Live In N.Y.C.)     
A2     Miss Groovy     Jungle Sickness     
A3     Duo Pennotti     Addicted II Raves (Buzz Fuzz Mix)     
A4     DJ Weirdo & DJ Delirium     Open Your Eyez     
A5     Baba Nation     Jesus Words     
A6     DJ E-Rick & Tactic     Our House Is Your House     
A7     DJ Delirium & Buzz Fuzz     Immortality     
A8     Kool Killers     Back Watcher     
A9     DJ Jordens vs. Spiritual Child     Please Pai     
A10     Buzz Fuzz     Chemical Overdrive     
A11     DJ Paul & Darrien Kelly     Code Red     
A12     Demonax     Hardcore Power (DJ Jordens vs. Arjuna Mix)     
A13     Dominion      Natural Born Killer     
A14     The Controllers     In Control, In Effect     

Side B:
B1     Unknown Artist     Intro     
B2     Naked Steel     Viva La France     
B3     The New Yourk Terrorist     Short Fuse     
B4     DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski     Young Birds     
B5     Notrogen     Bad Boy     
B6     Chosen Few     Name Of The DJ     
B7     DJ Rob & Tim B     Lound And Proud     
B8     3 Steps Ahead     Gabbers Unite     
B9     DJ Rob & MC Joe     The Beat Is Flown (Nasty Django Remix)     
B10     Rotterdam Terror Corps     You're Dealing With     
B11     Trancehistory     Doo Dey (DJ Dione Remix)     
B12     3 Steps Ahead     Drop It     
B13     Miss Groovy     Search And Destroy     
B14     Carlos Masserati     Get On The Move     
B15     Rob Gee     Ecstasy, You Got What I Need     
B16     Body Lotion     Happy Is Voor Hobo's     
B17     3 Steps Ahead     In The Name Of Love     
B18     Unknown Artist     Outro

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