Industrial Strength by Lenny Dee (2x MC)

Used, without scratches

Hardcore - Gabber MC tapes Industrial Strength by Lenny Dee (Earache)

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Label Earache ‎
Catalog number MOSH 150MC
Medium 2x MC cassette
Format Compilation
Style Hardcore
.....and Gabber
Release year 1995
Release country US


Industrial Strength by Lenny Dee

Side A:
A1     Mecalinium     We Have Arrived     4:19
A2     Disintegrator     Lock On Target     4:45
A3     English Muffin     The Blood Of An English Muffin     4:42
A4     DJ Skinhead     Fuckin' Hostile '96     4:18
A5     O.T.T.     Raw (DJ Paul Mix)     4:59
A6     Strychnine     Utopia Project     5:32
A7     Ralphie Dee     Mad As Hell     4:41

B1     Delta Nine     Never Stop     4:40
B2     Rob Gee     Gabber Up Your Ass     4:20
B3     D.O.A.     Wanna Be A Gangsta     3:51
B4     D.O.A.     Ya Mutha     3:48
B5     Nasenbluten     Cunt Face     4:47
B6     Nasenbluten     Cock Sucker (Xylocaine Remix)     1:14
B7     DJ Skinhead     Extreme Terror (Strength Of Terror Mix)     4:25
B8     Temper Tantrum     Anthem     2:37

Side C:        
C1     Various     Romper Stomper     30:39

Side D:
D1     Various     Paris Hardcore     23:54





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