Thunderdome XI - The Killing Playground / 7005882

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Thunderdome celebrates 10 years with the release of the "golden" Thunderdome series, and Thunderdome XI - The Killing Playground must not miss

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Label ID&T
Catalog number 7005882
Medium 2x CD
Format Compilation
Style Happy Hardcore
.....and Hardcore
......and Gabber
Release year 2002
Release country Netherlands
Specification Repress


Thunderdome XI - The Killing Playground

CD 01
01     Party Animals     Have You Ever Been Mellow (Tekno Mafia Mix)     
02     DJ Isaac     Bad Dreams (Remix)     
03     Omar Santana     Wizard Of Oh     
04     Dr Phil Omanski     Rockin' Your Body     
05     DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob     Feeling Hot     
06     Re-Charge     Feelings     
07     DJ Weirdo & Dr Phil Omanski     Young Birds (Original Mix)     
08     Discofrisco & DJ Inferno     My Favorite     
09     The Director     Somebody Scream (Remix)     
10     Chosen Few     Name Of The DJ (Original Mix)     
11     3 Steps Ahead     Drop It (Original Mix)     
12     The Prophet & DJ Delirium     Da Boomin Bass     
13     DJ Sim     Cartoons In Progress (Original Mix)     
14     Creasemaster & Slamdog     Face Down     
15     DJ Promo & Solo      Psycho Style     
16     Innerchild     Who You're Fucking With     
17     Wasting Program     Jazz Sacrilege     
18     Rob Gee & Buzz Fuzz     E-Coast Party At Gee's Place     

CD 02
01     DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys     Fuckin' Sweat     
02     Phoenix      Dominate     
03     DJ E-Rick & Tactic     Now Is The Time     
04     Bionic Commanders     Bust A New Jam     
05     Critical Mass     Burnin' Love (The Prophet Remix)     
06     Commotion     Tutti Frutti     
07     Too Small     Cold Bustin'     
08     The Insaniacs     All Get Down     
09     Bass Protectors     Hicked Pitch (Remix)     
10     DJ Paul     Paul's Nightmare     
11     DJ Waxweazle & DJ Delirium     Inside Da Rhythm     
12     DJ Tails & Noizer     Move The Feet     
13     Short Circuit     Kick Some Ass     
14     Lords Of The Underworld     Hardcore Dance     
15     DJ Dano     Jam On     
16     DJ Waxweazle & Guitar Rob     Gimme Some Real Hardcore     
17     Revox     Words Of God     
18     DJ Rob & Tim B     Loud And Proud     
19     DJ Waxweazle & DJ Bomber     Rambo Goes Riot

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