Thunderdome - The Megamixes / TR 028CD / Theissen Areal artwork

Used, without scratches

The third CD Thunderdome - The Megamixes has a different cover (from inside). Here's a party invitation at Theissen Areal

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Label Total Recall
Catalog number TR 028/CD
Medium CD maxi / singel
Format Compilation
Style Hardcore
.....and Gabber
Release year 1994
Release country Germany
Specification Theissen Areal artwork


Thunderdome - The Megamixes

         Thunderdome Megamix "Zonder Gog"     7:07
1.1     Gizmo     Out Of Order     
1.2     Dano     About Us     
1.3     Buzz Fuzz     Vienna Bass     
1.4     The Prophet     God     
1.5     Dano     Welcome To The Thunderdome     
1.6     The Prophet     Dominatin'     
1.7     Buzz Fuzz     100% Effective     
2     Unknown Artist     Killermachinery     0:40
        Thunderdome Megamix "Met Gog"     6:12
3.1     Gizmo     Out Of Order     
3.2     Dano     About Us     
3.3     Buzz Fuzz     Vienna Bass     
3.4     The Prophet     God     
3.5     Dano     Welcome To The Thunderdome     
3.6     The Prophet     Dominatin'     
3.7     Buzz Fuzz     100% Effective     
        Tina Thundermix     5:16
4.1     Gizmo     The End Of The Beginning     
4.2     Dano     Welcome To The Thunderdome     
4.3     The Prophet     God     
4.4     Buzz Fuzz     Vienna Bass     
4.5     Gizmo     Out Of Order     
4.6     Buzz Fuzz     100% Effective     
4.7     Dano     About Us     
4.8     The Prophet     Dominatin'

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