RMB - Widescreen (MC)


Trance - Hard Trance MC tape RMB - Widescreen (Low Spirit)

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Label Low Spirit / BMG
Catalog number 74321573144
Medium MC Cassette
Format Album
Style Trance
.....and Hard Trance
Release year 1998
Release country Poland


RMB - Widescreen

Side A:
A1     Madman´s Legend     7:20
A2     Shadows (Maxi Version)     6:02
A3     Everything (Groove Version)     3:12
A4     Everything (Can´t Hide Version)     4:13
A5     Everything (The Rise)     3:50
A6     Fighting For A Fine Place     3:18
A7     Unreality     5:10
A8     Reality (Album Cut)     5:55

Side B:
B9     Anyway     5:57
B10     Break The Silence     6:37
B11     Baraka (Short Album Version)     2:18
B12     Spring (Album Maxi Version)     3:29
B13     Spring (Live At Mayday 97)     2:23
B14     Rhythm Desease     2:42
B15     Fatal Illusion     4:54
B16     No Friend     1:35
B17     Uprising     3:10
B18     No Women No Kids     3:50

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